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Almost June...Weight vs Travel

Time flies but hey we all know that first hand. June 1st is in a few days, have you started planning for the new month, for the summer, what about the rest of the year? Me personally I am re-committing to eating better and working out more so that I can continue to lose weight. Due to some physical and pain challenges things have slowed down a lot. I am feeling much better and getting back to work! I still have 4 trips between now and July 15th, I will be setting goals to ensure that I stay on track.

What things do you do to stay on track? Have you tried meal prepping or early morning workouts? One thing is for sure.... time will keep flying by us and if we do not make any changes nothing will change!

Your life is your journey, the only things that can change it, slow it down or propel it in the right direction is.........(drum-roll).........YOU!

So....what are you going to do?

Happy travels and continued weight loss to you.


JGN Travel

Weight vs Travel

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