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Change!!!!! Weight vs Travel

Let's talk about, think about, dream about.....Change. Rather it is the desire to loose weight, travel more, improve your life, improve your health, start a business, chase a dream.....they all require you to make changes in the way that you currently do things! Some changes are easy, most changes are challenging and even at times scary.

The questions....the questions....

- What do I want?

- What do I need?

- Where do I start?

- How do I start?

I am finding the most important question is one that is not often asked but very often thought!


This is my ultimate struggle! I get started but keeping going is the problem. Sadly it does not take much to break my stride, any little distraction and I am totally off course. I have so many friends and family who support and encourage me to keep going. They consistently reassure me that I am doing well and I will work it out. Honestly for all their efforts, the battle is within..... it is within my mind, within the daily moments of my life. Lately I feel there just isn't enough time to do all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do.

I am trying to loose weight, get my business moving forward, settle and decorate my home, manage my department at work and ultimately focus on what I want for my future.

I know I have to do different if I want different.... I did say change is challenging!

What changes do you need to make? How do you keep going? What do you need to just.....get started?

Weight vs Travel.....


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