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It's been a minute

Yes it has been a minute, but let's get back to the business of getting rid of what ever weight that is keeping us from being able to do the things in life that we enjoy! For me that is traveling, for you it might be something else (I can't imagine enjoying something more than traveling...but anyway...), what ever it is, you owe it to yourself to move the obstacles!

I have been on several trips both personal and business since I last wrote a blog update. But this one will be about the trip I took for Christmas.

A friend and I desperately wanted to get away for Christmas and at the last minute we agreed to rent a beachfront condo in Destin, FL. Little did either of us know that it would turn out to be exactly what we needed. She was missing a loved one and I was missing me. We didn't do anything big, mostly enjoyed the views from the condo as well as went out to dinner on Christmas. We talked, we laughed, we cried, we spent a couple of amazing hours just laying on the beach on Christmas day. We enjoyed the mild weather, people around us enjoying the beach as we talked about how thankful we were to be at the beach.

You talk about weight being lifted...when it was time to come home we both agreed we would love to do it annually. Just being away from the day to day, feels different, you breathe different and definitely have different thoughts. What I already knew was getting away always refreshes me but this get away reminded me of the blessings in life which there are so many. What am I trying to say? Find what refreshes you, find what excites you, find what makes you happy..........and enjoy as much of it or them as you can! Tomorrows are not promised but we can pack all of our today's with love and joy!

Until next time soon, I promise! Tonya

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