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Self Sabotage! Weight vs Travel....

As if it is not bad enough that we are cautious about other people sabotaging our plans, goals and's worse when we sabotage ourselves! Yesterday my only plan was to pick up some groceries and meal prep for the week. I decided to stop at another store first to look for home decor. I found several items that I loved and headed for the register.

I am a self proclaimed and proven sugar addict! I like candy and I approached the register I see my favorite candy of all time that I have not found in years, then $15 worth of candy later and some home decor! Yes that right there! So after snacking yesterday evening and through the night..yes through the night, I have to accept the fact that I sabotaged myself!

When you talk about an eye opener, that was one of several from this weekend. There are so many things that I do that are not in line with the things I tell myself and others I want to achieve. When you know better you should do better and that is the plan for going forward.

For those who read this, take a moment to think about what you want and what you do, are any of your actions sabotaging the journey to reaching your goal?

Since I started this blog on 10/5/18, I am currently down 19 pounds. Now to pay more attention, build more consistency and keep that number going up!

Oh BTW....I bagged up the candy and brought it out of the house to get rid of it. I am trying to be better and do better!


Weight Vs Travel....This is my journey!

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