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Traveling during this pandemic

Well here it goes....

The pandemic has almost completely stopped us in our tracks! If we had vacations planned or wanted to travel, we suddenly found everything was being cancelled or needed to be cancelled. We are several months in now and the numbers are continuing to go up. If you have been monitoring the news, at this point there are many things that should be extremely clear:

  • Almost NO ONE is exempt from the possibility of catching this virus!

  • Precaution (Masks, sanitizer, hand washing, etc) is better than full on risk (Using and doing nothing to protect yourself and others).

  • We have been living and adjusting to "A new normal".

  • Life has to move forward, it is just going to be extremely different.

With these points being clear, its time to decide what is best for you!

In June, stress and anxiety had me backed into a corner! My family and I decided we needed to get away and chose the beach.

We booked a few beach front condos in Panama City Beach, FL. We developed our plan for cleaning and sanitizing, purchased cleaners, disinfectants, disposable and washable masks and prepared for our trip.

We traveled mid June, it ended up being way more people the originally planned. But the thing is we had a successful trip, we went in the units and cleaned to our comfort levels and standards. We had designated people who cleaned while others picked up groceries.

We were able to enjoy being at the beach, the kids enjoyed the pool and the views were AMAZING. We were able to safely social distance from others, spend time together and enjoy our vacation. This time away allowed me the think, refocus, pray and plan. I came back refreshed, refocused, hopeful and ready to move forward.

We had a great vacation and no one got sick!

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