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Weight vs Travel Disney 

Last week I was in Orlando, FL, the beginning of the week was for a conference the last part of the week my family joined me so that I could fulfill the promise I made to my Grand Diva to take her to Disney. I knew the day was coming and despite so many efforts I did not reach the weight goal I hoped for to increase my endurance and strength. I didn't stop trying, I am down about 32 pounds, I just have not been consistent in my efforts.

I am easily distracted when it comes to eating properly and working out consistently as well as having ongoing pain. The pain was managed by accepting the fact that the electric scooter gave me breaks in the amount of time that I was standing and walking. The most important lesson for me was while my weight journey is very important to me, friends and family love me the way I am and my Grand Diva made it to Disney!

Things do not always go as planned and there will be highs and lows in your weight loss journey, DON'T Quit! You can still travel and enjoy all that life has to offer while you continue to work on the weight.


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