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Weight vs Traveling...The Journey....Part 2

Since October 5th I decided to try Intermittent Fasting hoping it would help with the sugar cravings. That lasted about 11 days before I broke. I was fasting 20 hrs and had a feeding window of 4 hours per day. This is the difficult part finding what works for me and sticking to it. Someone told me "You have to want it as much as you want your next breath".

A few weekends ago I was going through some old journals and decided to read them, they dated back to around 1991, I was 22 years old, single mom, taking care of my sick Grandmother who raised me and my oldest daughter.

What I discovered is just how far back I have been trying to lose the same 100+ pounds! I also was reminded of the other challenges I was facing at that point in my life. It seems that part of my challenge with finding something that works more me is "going without", by that I mean there were times in my life where I had so little and so many thing I could not buy or do. A large part of my thought process is that I have worked hard and I should be able to have and do what ever I want to.

The problem is...that thought will not get me to the weight loss I need to resolve the physical challenges I am now facing. So.....The Journey continues.... #JGNTravel #Weightloss #TravelGoals #TheJourney

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