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Who knew? BC (Before COVID-19)

My last blog was on January 15, 2020, then I said it wouldn't be so long before the next one. But WHO KNEW... who knew that our lives would change so quickly, that our world would be so different? We knew that there was a virus going around, we knew it was getting bad, what we didn't know was how bad and how fast it would get to us! We didn't know or realize how it would so significantly impact our lives. Who would have thought that almost all travel would stop, who knew almost all schools would have to close for an undermined amount of time, who knew that in a world where so many of us left home for work....home would become work, school, hospital, restaurant and most importantly the safest place to be so much more than we thought it was before?

At this point we can most definitely say that our lives are forever changed and we don't know what it will be like on the other side of Corona (aka Rona). Tomorrow is not promised has a more personal meaning for many of us, so many have lost their fight with this virus and unfortunately for too many families, it has touched and taken from them more than once!

Life on the other side of Rona will be so much different for so many of us. I hope that we will have a greater appreciation for those we love, the things we love and the goals we desire. I know I will and that means do so much more of what I love.....Travel! I am looking forward to life AC (After COVID-19)!

How about you? Share what you plan for your life AC (After Covid-19) in the comments....

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