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Wine not? Top 3 vineyards around the world

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

A you a wine lover? Have you thought about incorporating your love of wine in your travel plans to pick a location?

Here are some of the top locations for wine that would make a great travel destinations.

1. Tuscany: a region on Italy's west coast, on the Tyrrhenian sea. It is one of the most popular places to visit in a country that is itself one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The best times to visit Tuscany are between late September and October and between April and May. During these months, travelers will find comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds at the major sights.

2. Sonoma: a county in Northern California known for its bucolic charms and array of wineries, could also be described as Napa's rustic, less-refined and more-relaxed sister. The best time to visit Sonoma is between June and October when the weather is at its finest, with high temps hovering in the mid-80s in June and the upper 70s in October. Unfortunately, this time of year is also when the crowds are the thickest and hotel rates are at their highest.

3. Napa Valley: Roughly an hour’s drive north of San Francisco and boasting more than 400 wineries, Napa Valley is a connoisseur’s paradise, inviting visitors to explore beyond the region’s signature Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The best time to visit Napa is September through November or March through May. Napa's peak tourist season corresponds with the region's harvest season (August through October). During this busy time, expect high prices for everything, including food, accommodations and wine tours.

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